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مواقف العباس بن علي عليه السلام في معركة الطف حملة الماء الأولى أنموذجاً
أ.د. ميثم مرتضى نصر الله

جامعة كربلاء / كلية التربية للعلوم الإنسانية/ قسم التاريخ


تعد دراسة الأساليب القتالية للعباس بن علي عليهما السلام من الدراسات القيّمة لكون ان شخصيته عليه السلام في هذا المجال لم تلقَ العناية الكافية من الذكر . ويمكن تقديم جزء مما ذكر عنه خلال مسيرته الجهادية ضمن حدود هذا البحث في التركيز على الأحداث التي وقعت قبيل معركة الطف عام 61هـ والتي تم اعتمادها كأساس لتلك المعركة بل هي بداية لها .

إن المرحلة الجهادية الأبرز في مسيرة العباس بن علي عليهما السلام كانت مشاركته الفاعلة في أحداث معركة الطف , لذا جاء عنوان البحث ((مواقف العباس بن علي عليه السلام في معركة الطف ـــ حملة الماء الأولى أنموذجاً)) كجزء من تفاصيلها وكان اختيار اسم الحملة بدلاً من أي تسمية أخرى جاء منطبقاً للمعنى اللغوي للكلمة .


The study of the combatant techniques of Al- Abbas bin Ali (pbuth ) is considered worthy of research as this personality has not got sufficient treatment and research . Here , it is possible to shed light on some of his Jihady course through focusing on the happenings which took place before Al- Taff Battle in 61 A.H . which was considered a starting point and an initiative for that Battle .

The most prominent Jihady stage of Al- Abbas (bpuh) course was his contribution in Al- Taff Battle . Consequently , the research was entitled Al- Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuth ) Stands In Al- Taff Battle : First Water Expedition As An Example to reflect its details and to be in accordance with the linguistic citations and evidence given .

Imam Husain (pbuh) assigned and considered his brother Al- Abbas (pbuh) as the center and for all his movements since his arrival to Karbala and considered his participation in the Battle to be the victory itself was he is the core and pivot of his army . The present research showed and mentioned the narrations said on Al- Abbas bin Ali (pbuth) as they were studied in detail to reveal Al- Abbas (pbuh) status and rank in the battle field and how courageous he was in addition to his showing no hesitation and his making emergent and necessary decisions which he showed to the supreme leadership represented by Imam Husain (pbuh) both before and through Al- Taff Battle .

Due to the lack of the historical sources in this regard together with the shortage and limitation of the military knowledge of the narrators of Al- Abbas (pbuh) expedition makes it impossible for any researcher to build a thorough understanding of all the military procedures Al- Abbas has taken in addition to the ignorance present researchers have given to this expedition .

The present research fell into two main sections . Section one was entitled , the Significance of the Expedition , talking about the importance of Al- Abbas leadership of the majority and great number of Imam Husain 's (pbuh) army in a typical combatant way so as to bring water to Al- Husainy's camp after the blockade set by Yazeed bin Muawiyah army and mentioning the mandatory state of prescribing right power represented by Imam Husain (pbuh) on the second side through analyzing the historical narrations and showing more details on the expedition .

Section two , on the other hand , was entitled The Strategy of the Expedition and was mainly concerned with significant details regarding the time of going to the water and the number of those who went with him in addition to the power and ability , both military and morale , each side had ending with what the expedition had come out with . The research ended with mentioning the most important conclusions and a list of the references used, O, peace be upon you, Abo Al- fadhl Al- Abbas ; you who owned and had control over the water and you as such the master of water all over the centuries