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The Seven Areas of Imam Al-Abbas Reality World
Lecturer: Raed Dakhil Kareem (PhD)

Department of English Language, College of Arts, University of Kufa


Language-in-use is a tool, not just for saying and doing things, but also, used alongside other non-verbal tools, to build things in the world. Whenever we speak or write, we always and simultaneously build one of seven things or seven areas of ''reality''. Let’s call these seven things the ''seven building tasks'' of language. Since we use language to build these seven things, a discourse analysis of the language by the Infallible/Immaculate Imam As-Sadiq describing Imam Al-Abbas can tell too much of his reality world.

The present paper analyses the speech of Imam As-Sadiq reflected in his ziyara of Imam Al-Abbas. The analysis intends to uncover seven areas of the reality of this prominent character. The model of analysis adopted from is Gee's (2011) in his book ''How to do Discourse Analysis: A Toolkit''. These tools, which are surrounded by reflexive context, are: significance, activities, identities, relationships, politics, connection, and sign systems and knowledge building tools. The paper ends up with some concluding points.

Key words: seven building tasks, Imam Al-Abbas, Imam As-Sadiq, ziyara, discourse analysis tools.