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Heroism of Abbas Bin Ali bin Abi Talib Before Taf, Sufeen and Nahrawan As a Model
Prof. Dr. Farouk Mohamoud Al –Haboubi

Kerbala University/ College of Education for Humanities


When I wrote about Al-Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Talib( peace be upon them) a prominent sublime characteristic appears to me which is his heroism, courage and bravery in the battlefields. Abu Fahdel Al-Abbas was accompanying his father during his father's residing in Medina . After this he moved with his father to Iraq where he settle with his father in Kufa in the shade of special and urgent educational care that endowed him with ------, virtues , good morals , science noble knowledge. He accompanied his brothers, prophet's Mohammad grandsons and Muslims imams, Hassan and Hussein after his father's death as well as he came back to Medina with them. He stayed with them learning from the mparameters of religion basics ,its theology its teaching and its branches.

References and bibliographies refer to Abbas's titles that contain "Abu" term that means "-----"such as : Abu Al Fadhel(1) or those with "Bin" means "son" such as: Bin Al- Bedwiyya that means son of Bedouin women. Al-Abbas is famous with many titles which point to praise and bravery since Bin Al-Bedwiyya is characterized with knighthood which he inherited it through his mother who is descended from a Bedouin tribe known for its knighthood in addition to the Bedouin nature that is characterized with purity, too much pride and eloquence. As for his title " Abu El-Qerba" meaning someone who carries the skin for sake of watering. He is also known with title of "Abu Al-Shara" and "shara" means "taking revenge" thus he takes revenge from anyone who swears unfaithful or lying in his holy shrine according to Shia Muslim belief and this can be added to the speed of anger revenge for the oppressed under his holy dome, relieving distress , revealing grief of anyone who seeks refugee at his holy shrine and responding to the grieved. All this shows ultimate generosity and A'alwain heroism.

I found that the references that dealt with Al-Abbas (Peace be upon him) tittles refer to his unique characteristics since he is the lion of Nezar, the brave hero where the spears got broken(2).

Abu Al-Feraj Al-Asfehani(356 AH) mentioned " Al-Abbas was handsome and if he rides a huge horse , his legs touch the ground " this is an indication of his physical characteristic since riding a huge horse while Al-Abbas's leg touch the ground shows his bulkiness and this is one of the cornerstone of his bravery , heroism, his capacity for fighting and his unique to fight bravely in battlefield(3).