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Role of Kerbala People in the Political Development in Iraq 1914 – 1921
Lect.Dr. Hanan Abbas Khiar Allah/Lect.Dr. Narges Kareem Khudiar

University of Dhi Qar/ College of Education for Human Science/ Dept. History


The holy city of Kerbala has been characterized by its prominent political positions adopted to stand against the authoritarian government's policy. Kerbala had a religious dimension which was a major influence in making it an important intellectual center in Iraq which led to sharpen minds and evoke the active political thought that keep up the uninterrupted political event from the cultural heritage.

The research studies the role of Kerbala people in the political development from 1914- 1921 through which the important role played by the people of Kerbala in response to the British occupation to Iraq was tackled and how they stand against injustice and abuse practiced the British authorities against the residents to control over them. This matter caused people revolt against British to achieve unity and independence. Moreover, the research showed the role of Kerbala people and their honorable stand through their active participation in the revolution. They also had a big role in the issue of inauguration of king Faisal on Iraq in 1921.