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Kerbala People's Stand about the Twentieth Revolution in Iraq
Asst. prof. Fatimah Falih Al Kheffaji

Asst. lect. Fatimah Abdul Jeleal Yasir

Thi Qar University/ College of Education for Humanities/ Dept. of History


The Twentieth Revolution in Iraq is considered one of the most important revolution that happened in modern Iraqi history. It is a historical, political, and social turning to Iraqi people and a beginning for establishing the new Iraqi state. It overthrew the British planning that was drawn to Iraq. It also unified Iraqi people under one popular leadership Iraqi people categories under leadership of the religious reference which was headed by the religious reference Mohammad Teqi Al Sherazi who declared the legitimate permission to start revolution by his historical fatwa which was considered the basic stone to start the revolutionary work against occupation.

People of Kerbala played a significant and effective role in the Twentieth Revolution against the British occupation when they made Kerbala their revolution headquarter through the role that this holy city played in preparing and organizing meetings held by nobles and sheikhs of Iraqi cities. They rejected all types of oppression, injustice, and submission. Presence of religious reference, Mohammad Teqi Al Sherazi in Kerbala had great importance in attracting and gathering people around the revolution decision source represented by the religious reference and pushing them to stand against the British. This was in addition to the pioneer role of Kerbala people after the revolution outbreak in supporting the rebellions, supplying the fronts, and sending helps to the firing fronts as well as the heroic stand of Kerbala people against the occupation by establishing a local government to run the city affairs. Religious scholars' fataws were welcomed in all over the country and many people joined the fighters. This indicates the deep connection between people and their references within the religion foundation.