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The Golden Era of Karbala's Hawza
Sheikh Habeeb Zatar

Scientific Hawza / Holy Qum


tudying the history of Islamic seminaries, Shia schools, its personalities, and methods give us many benefits. Understanding the methods of the past jurists, understanding what helped develop Islamic sciences, and understanding the reasons of it falling back so we can fix it are all reached by studying our stated history. When observing how little the Shia library is in the English language (compared to the Arabic) especially in this topic, the researcher has made a summary of the history of the Shia seminaries and Fiqh. This paper is a chapter from the book about ‘The Golden Era of Karbala Hawza’ with some additions to suit this journal. The present paper investigates the knowledge of how Karbala seminary entered its golden era; how this school affected the Fiqh system, looking at the battle between the Akhbaris and Usulis; and focused at some of the great figures at that time. The present paper is made up of an introduction; a brief summary of Karbala; the importance of knowledge; the first person who starts an Islamic scientific movement; the great scholars that kept Karbala Hawza alive before the golden era; how the golden era started; the influence of the Hawza; and a view at some of the great scholars who studied and were raised in that period. Finally, some conclusions are drawn from the research.

Key words: Karbala Hawza, The Golden Era