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A Survey of the Interpretative Method of Sheikh Jawad Al-Karbala'i in Al-Anwar Al-Sati'a fi Sharh Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a
Sayyid Morteza Farizani

PhD Researcher, University of Religions and Denominations and Fourth Level of Khorasan Seminary


Among the texts for reciting, before the sacred places such as the holy shrines of infallibles Imams, is ''Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a Al-Kabira'' narrated from Imam Al-Hadi (AS) in an authentic way (i.e. the chain of transmission is reliable). It has a special status in this regard and many Shia scholars have written commentaries and exegesis about that. ''Anwar Al-Sati'a fi Sharh Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a'' is a considerable and significant commentary that has penned by ''Sheikh Jawad Al-Karbala'i'' and is counted as one of the comprehensive interpretations in Arabic language. Although the author has written his book in Arabic language, but in some occasions he invoked to Persian poetry for more enlightenment and explanation. In this paper, we try to examine the interpretive method of this book partially. Due to expertise of the author in Islamic sciences, he sought to suggest the multiplicity of meaning and internal layers of words and utterances of ''Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a'' exhaustively by scrutinizing the lexical, grammatical, jurisprudential, theological, philosophical, ethical, traditional, and interpretive issues as possible in each section of ''Al-Ziyara'' text . The author emphasized some important issues in his preface of the book such as the significance of role of Imams authority (Walayah) and its subdivisions: absoluteness (Mutlaqa) and restricted (Muqayyada); distinguishing between authority and prophecy and the importance of the pilgrimage for better and deeper understanding of ''Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a''. As we shed light on the methodology of the author, there are three main interpretive methods and approaches in this book which can been seen throughout the commentary and annotation. The mystical approach is seen salient and noticeable during his explanation and commentary, the philosophical approach that functions as the complementary to the former approach, and the theological approach which sets the Shia's positions in doctrines of beliefs in light of ''Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a''. Moreover, a special feature of this book is the employment of many hadiths from early and late Shia and Sunni's collections and sources such as Basa'ir Al-Darajat, Al-Kafi, Al-Tawhid, Nahj Al-Balagha, Ghayat Al-Maram and Tafsir Noor Al-Thaqalayn for explicating and exemplifying the meaning of words of ''Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a''.

Keywords: Al-Anwar Al-Sati'a, Al-Ziyara Al-Jami‘a, interpretative method, mystical approach, Sheikh Jawad Al-Karbala'i.